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Uniform Real-Talk with an ER Nurse

We were pleased to have a conversation with a local nurse and ER Team Leader. We think her medical apparel thoughts should be a message to the worldwide healthcare community. 

S. Griffith, RN is a team lead at an emergency department in Phoenix, Arizona and has played team sports such as basketball, and volleyball. 

 DX:  "Does your hospital provide medical uniforms for its nurses?"

SG: "No, our nurses are required to purchase and launder their own uniforms."

DX:  "Are there any specific aspects of these uniforms you feels could use improvement?"

SG:  "In general, the problem I see is that though the hospital requires a particular color be worn by the registered nurses, there are so many different manufacturers and styles that we loose the team look.  I don't like this discontinuity."

DX:  "You take the term "uniform" literally.  Why is this unsettling?"

SG:  "That is a good question.  When I played team sports, the common feature was the uniform.  It's UNIFYING."  

DX:  "Do you suppose that teams such as those in the ER might have a different mindset if they had continuity?"

SG:  "I do!  There is a certain pride and sense of cooperative responsibility that teams should have.  I think it starts with a uniform."

Posted on March 30, 2015 and filed under Interview.