You'll TRIPP over training and working: Lessons from a nurse-triathlete

Chris and I were with Alec (left) yesterday who was V02 tested & evaluated at FASTER ( by Ben Stone from Sigma Human Performance. 

DX Apparel & Accessories is pleased to introduce a new blog series what will follow the journey of Alec Tripp, a Scottsdale, Arizona nurse...and Triathlete. 

Meet Alec. He’s a nurse. He started his nursing career in home health and then transitioned to a Level 1 trauma center’s neuro rehab unit. This month he's moving into a cardiac unit.

Employed at a busy hospital in the Phoenix area, the 24 year old endures hours of physically and mentally challenging situations every shift. The physical stresses he endures on a daily basis: ergonomic, metabolic, and thermoregulatory are significant. Lifting patients, twisting and contorting for treatments and therapy is a daily occurrence. Almost like a cross-fit session if you will. Alec even wears his running shoes, compressions socks, and calf sleeves during his shifts because they're perfect for his shift.

Meet the other side of Alec...the multi-sport athlete. Sport of choice: triathlon. His story is one that many healthcare professionals share; their alter-ego. ELITE ATHLETE! Triathlon is close to his heart. He’s done well in his age group and continues to set his sights on the Big Island. Yes, Kona. DX Apparel and Accessories will help Alec Tripp get there. Join us in his journey as a male nurse, surviving his shifts, and juggling between career and his training.  We will outfit him with our new DX Apparel uniforms, and help him achieve his goals of qualifying for IRONMAN Kona.

Posted on April 2, 2015 and filed under DX Champions.