Former NHL Player Says Everyone Wins with a More Functional Med Uniform

This week DX Apparel interviewed Jeff Shevalier, orthopedic hardware distributor and former NHL player to get his thoughts on team uniforms.

DX:  You literally take your ortho hardware into the OR to assure that your product is meeting the best interests of the patient and performing as expected.  Being a former pro hockey player, you know a lot about high level performance!
JS: "It's important to me that the healthcare team, including those who provide the devices and hardware, are involved in quality control so that the patient's health wins."

DX: That sounds like a recipe for a winning team.
JS: "The patient needs to win every time."

DX: What's your opinion regarding the team uniforms?
JS: "Well, let's just say that we aren't the best "equipped" as far as uniforms go."

DX: What specifically needs improvement?
JS: "Orthopedic procedures are at times like a crossfit workout. The current scrubs don't take movement into account or demanding physical activity into account."

DX: So medical uniforms that take into account the healthcare professional and the work they perform would be a win?
JS: "That would be a win-win scenario! A more functional uniform would be a win for the provider and make delivering care more ergonomic, thus a patient win."

DX: "We like win-win scenarios."

Posted on April 7, 2015 and filed under Interview.