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Alec pictured during 02 testing with Dr. Ben Stone from Sigma Human Performance

We sat down this week with DX Athlete, Alec Tripp who is training for his first Ironman Hawaii.  Our blog series continues, tracking Alec's training program for what is widely regarded as the toughest endurance test in the world. It's a journey that Alec has invited us on. 

Alec Tripp, RN, Triathlete, Carb-burning extraordinaire

DX:  So how is your training going?  Any revelations?
AT:  Dr. Ben Stone from Sigma Human Performance looked at my metabolic profile and turns out that my engine is running almost exclusively on carbohydrates...

DX:  Fats are more calorie dense and good for long hauls, what did he suggest?
AT:  I need to "teach" my muscles to use fat for energy generation.  That's where it got a little weird...  See I work out HARD.  Really hard.  At heart rates between 160-170 for hours at a time.  Ben wants me to train for prolonged periods at lower heart rates.  Over time, my body will reprogram at the cellular level.  Genes that encode enzymes that breakdown fat will become active, allowing fat stores to be used for energy instead of breaking down muscle to amino acid then conversion into glucose.

DX:  We can all learn from listening to the experts like Dr. Stone, right?
AT:  Just when you thought you knew everything, along comes DX.

Posted on April 21, 2015 and filed under Interview.