Brian Park, RN, CEO of Nabee Socks Cares about your legs!

Brian Park, RN, CEO of Nabee Socks
Cares about your legs!

DX: We love your story Brian, it is a moment all healthcare pros can relate to: middle of the night, sitting at the nursing station, that's like every nursing station in every hospital at 2:17 am...the caffeine is wearing off and the blood sugar is dropping (or is it rising?). All you know is that you feel jittery. Just then a thought sparks between a couple of neurons that decided they couldn't stay focused on finishing your charting...compression socks that aren't butt-ugly!!

BP:  Well, that's embellishing a bit, but you got the right idea. I still have the scrap of paper that I scribbled the idea down on! Turns out compression socks are very important therapeutic devices that were created without much consideration for the end-user. We now sell compression socks that healthcare pros and patients alike are proud to wear.

DX:  So your secret to success was listening to your end-user?  That sounds like the holy grail of common sense!!

BP:  Sometimes common sense manifests in hypo-caffeinated neurons at 2 am at the nursing desk. In any case, patients with lymph edema win and healthcare pros prevent incompetent leg veins.