A #NursesWeek #ThankYouNote from @DXApparel co-founder & RN

Dear nursing friends,

The inspiration for DX Apparel comes from the drive and spirit that healthcare pros exhibit every day. DX Apparel is a TEAM of healthcare pros just like you. WE understand not only the clinical conditions you face in your work, but also the forever changing atmosphere that you face to accomplish what you do. It’s your tireless nights, physical endurance, and emotional resilience that allows you to protect the interest of your patients ahead of your own. No other brand understands this more than DX Apparel. We're here to unify ALL healthcare pros and give you a brand you can call your own.  

For your team of nurses, this is the week your efforts are honored. But for DX Apparel, it’s beyond this week that you will always be appreciated. Thank you for being a nurse!


Cristina Lipinski, RN