Suzy Wing-Lipinski, M.D. OB/GYN and Marathon runner discusses the secret life of the on call physician-athlete

Suzy Wing-Lipinski, M.D.

DX: Your dedication to your specialty and patients is absolutely amazing Suzy. Your 72 hour on-call weekends are marathons of a sort aren't they?
SWL: They can keep me running that's for sure! But I am usually able to get in a treadmill workout (we have one in our call lounge) while waiting for deliveries.

DX: Do you run in scrubs?
SWL: I use to, until the waist band left me with a line of blisters...not a positive experience.  The fabric is great for dermabrasion, but terrible for healthcare providers.

DX: So you are saying that the fabrics are suboptimal for running marathons, but how do they perform for their intended purpose?
SWL: NO! The only purpose they serve as far as I can tell is to protect the wearers modesty! They are completely dysfunctional! An embarrassment.

DX: You work harder and give more of your self than anyone I know Suzy. You deserve more and we are listening.

Posted on May 22, 2015 .