Every stitch matters. Cristina Lipinski, RN knows performance

She’s dressed athletes for comfort, performance, and style and has been turning down work (even today) to fully bring this type of engineering into DX Medical Uniforms. "These elements of design were required to produce figure skating costumes for these exceptional athletes. The fabrics chosen specifically moved with the body. Special attention to every stitch and pattern piece was considered for solid construction."

Her motto has been, "the garment should never fail during the biomechanics of your performances."

If this is how Cristina treated her figure skating clients, with so much care, imagine what she can produce for healthcare pros. "That’s why DX will never call our garments 'scrubs'. No scrubs will ever wear these. These are only made for healthcare professionals."

Some of Cristina's figure skating designs in action:

http://web.icenetwork.com/photos/94194662 (#9 of 16)