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We were pleased to have a conversation with a local nurse and ER Team Leader. We think her medical apparel thoughts should be a message to the worldwide healthcare community.  S. Griffith, RN is a team lead at an emergency department in Phoenix, Arizona and has played team sports such as basketball, and volleyball.   DX:  "Does your hospital provide medical uniforms for its nurses?" SG: "No, our nurses are required to purchase and launder their own uniforms." DX:  "Are there any specific aspects of these uniforms you feels could use improvement?" SG:  "In general, the problem I see is that though the...

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DX Apparel was founded by doctor/nurse healthcare pros with endurance athlete experience. We recently sat down with another doctor to examine what impact medical apparel really has. Donn Hogan, MD - Nephrologist and Triathlete, Scottsdale, AZ DX:  "What 'Go To' medical gear do you wear in the hospital?" DH:  "At the hospital on rounds, I wear scrubs.  Scrubs are my choice in the dialysis clinic and in-patient wards due to my concern for nosocomial organism transmission." DX:  "Do you wear base-layer shirts under the scrubs." DH:  "I usually wear a tee shirt underneath because the hospital scrubs are itchy and the V neck to...

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