About Us: We are Pros in Healthcare

Healthcare Professionals perform at the highest functioning levels.  We care for the patient, anticipate their needs, we have always provided great service that is immeasurable. We use our hands to heal, console, and sometimes grieve. We recover after each shift to do it all again the next day. It's never been just a job. It's our life.

Raise your hand if you know what DX means?

Yes--Only Healthcare Pros know.  The DX Brand is created to celebrate and champion the Pros of Healthcare. 'DX' represents the lifestyle of the Healthcare Professional. We move, we breath, we sweat, and we are physical.  


We know how it is: You transfer a patient and then feel your shirt pull up over your waist. You bend over to measure the I & O and the seams of your pants rip.  You run to your computer to enter in orders, and your shirt is drenched.  Or even worse, says Cristina Lipinski, Founder and Designer of the DX Brand "An ER Doctor told me that his pant seam ripped while inserting a central-line catheter in a critically ill patient. That's not a huge 'oops'. It's embarrassing."  

Multiple stories of uniform failures during critical times can be told. Healthcare Pros will laugh at themselves in the end and think we do what we can for our patients in any condition, and that is what matters. But DX gets it... and Pros, you deserve better.  

DX: The only brand loyal to Healthcare Professionals

Cristina has made it her mission to design uniforms that help Pros get through those long hours with 'supportive' designs, and create products that overall 'make sense to us'. After years in the trenches with her fellow ER nurses, and living the lifestyle of the Healthcare Pro with her husband who is also an ER physician, she understands.  She is loyal to you and that is why she created DX: THE BRAND FOR HEALTHCARE PROS.